Uploading the final thesis to eLABa repository

ELABA – is a National Lithuanian Academic Library which stores and
preserves study and science documents and/or it’s metadata for public

Final projects must be submitted to eLABa not later than 10 calendar
days before the defence.

* Go to ELABA website at www.elaba.lt
* Select a reference SUBMIT TO REPOSITORY
* Select your institution.
* Sign in with USERNAME (Personal number) and password (last 4
numbers of your Personal number) Please, ask librarian, if you do not
know this number.
* Select NEW DOCUMENT – you will open a window for entering the data
about your project.
* DB – select ETD
* TYPE – select the type of the document being uploaded: BACHELOR
thesis or MASTER thesis.
* The data will be entered in 5 STEPS.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!