2005 April 1st–2008 October 1st project “BIBLIOREG: Academic library creates a learning region BPD2004-ERPF- 1.5.0.-01-04/0023. Measure 1.5. development of infrastructure of labour market, education, vocational training, research and study institutions and social services.
2005 March 16th–2008 February 1st project “BIBLIONOVA: The Creation and Testing of the Method of Developing Information Literacy and Independent Learning Skills in the Region” (ESF/2004/2.4.0-K01-161/SUT-247). BPD 2.4 measure “Development of Conditions for Lifelong Learning”.
Since 2003, ŠU Library together with 13 Lithuanian state Universities and Riga Technical University has participated in LABT-ETD project “ETD Lithuania Project as Pilot For Baltic States”.
2002. A library support project for The Japan Foundation was prepared.
2002. A library support project for the Swiss Gebert Ruf’ Foundation was prepared (finished in 2003).
2002. Together with Šiauliai County P.Višinskio Library and Šiauliai Municipality public libraries ŠU Library organised a conference “Šiauliai City Libraries on the Way to the Knowledge Society”.
2001. 18,000 books were received from the USA from a project organized by the ROTARY club.
1999. ŠU Library participated in the support program sponsored by Japanese libraries.
Since 1999, the Library has participated in the international project “Pushkinskaja bibliotieka”.
Since 1999, ŠU Library has participated in the financial support project of the Interlibrary Loan of largest Lithuanian libraries. The project has been finished.
1999. The Library started implementing a project “Lithuanian Academic Libraries Network” (LABT).
1998. Together with Šiauliai County P.Višinskio Library and Šiauliai Municipality public libraries ŠU Library started a project “Modern Librarian: Professional Development”.
1998. The second TEMPUS project JEP 13236-98 “Management Changes in Academic Libraries” was written together with Klaipėda University. The project was dedicated to the up-dating of the qualifications of the library staff (the project was finished in 2001).
1997. The Library participated in a project sponsored by the Academy of Sciences of Norway (the project was finished in 1999).
1997–1999. ŠU Library participated in LIBIS project, the aim of which was to develop an organisational-functional structure allowing improving the activities of academic and public libraries and information supply.
1995. The Library joined an international TEMPUS project “Integrated Information Systems in Academic Libraries”, which aimed at creating a joint interlibrary catalogue (the project was finished in 1998).

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