Loan of Books

Only the members of Šiauliai University community have the right to make home-held requests. For other users the publications of the Library are lent for the use only in the Reading Rooms.
Publications are ordered in advance in the Electronic Catalogue of the Library.
The requested publications shall be collected within 3 working days in the places indicated on the order.
Publications to be used at home are to be returned either after a month or a semester. In order to collect the ordered books, one has to produce a Student’s Identity Card or some other personal Identification document.
The number of extensions is not limited provided that the edition is not required by another user. A fine of 0,03 € per working day per publication is payable past the return deadline (Rector’s Decree No. V-118 of 30th October 2012).
Publications from Reading Rooms cannot be taken out. Copies of these can be made on the photocopying machines of the Library (a fee based service).
Books contained in the Open Collection of Fictional Literature (Library, 1-st floor) members of the University community are entitled to collect and return independently by using a self-service machine.
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