Information Services

General information about services offered by the library, its structure, information resources, reservation of premises, etc. is provided by the library staff at the Information Desk (Main Library, 1-st floor lobby).
Enquiries are executed in the Information Publications Reading Room (Library, 2-nd floor, Room 203). Here  bibliography lists are edited, and indices compiled.
Registration of research publications of Šiauliai University staff members is carried out and information provided at the References Reading Room of ŠU Library (Library, 2-nd floor, Room 203)
Information services for the departments are provided by the librarians-consultants, who:
• organise individual and group consultancy and training;
• on a regular basis inform the department about the services provided by the Library;
• offer straining sessions for the students upon lecturers’ request;
• organise presenations of databases to the department students and academic/research staff in order to achieve their maximal and efficient use;
• organise information-literacy training with regard to the demands of the department community;
• participate in the meetings of the Study Program Committees of the department (Rector’s Decree No. V-91 of the 24th October 2011).
Librarians-consultants for studies:
Educational Sciences
Senior Librarian Vida Steponavičienė
+370 41 595890
Social Sciences, Humanitarian Studies and Arts
Senior Librarian Akvilina Deveikytė
+370 41 595890
Technological, Biomedical and Physical Sciences
Senior Librarian Ramunė Klevaitytė
+370 41 595798
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