Individual/Group Work Rooms

Individual Work Rooms (3-rd floor, Rooms 313 I–V) are meant exclusively for the members of the ŠU community:
  • research and academic staff;
  • doctoral students;
Each individual work room contains a computerised work place (logging on for the students is done by using their Student Certificate number, for the staff members – by their payroll number; a password is the four last digits of the Personal Identity code).
Publications borrowed from the Reading Rooms of the Library to be used for work in the Individual Work Room have to be returned on the same day (a delay incurs a fine (Rector‘s decree No. V-236 of the 16th August 1999).
  • Individual Work Rooms can be booked in advance in the Main Library, 1-st floor, Information Desk, tel. +370 (41) 595706 or by e-mail;
  • maximal reservation time is 6 months.
Group Work Rooms (414–417, 419–421) can be used by all members of the university community.
  • Group Work Rooms can hold maximum 10 people;
  • in case a laptop, a projector or additional seats are needed, the Library has to be informed in advance by phone +370 (41) 595706 or e-mail


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