Frequently asked questions

Can anybody use the services of the Šiauliai University Library?
Yes. Reading rooms of the Library are accessible to all. However, only the members of Šiauliai University community have the right to make home-held requests.
Does one need a Reader’s Card of ŠU Library?
No, ŠU Library doesn’t have a reader’s card. One is entitled to use the reading rooms without producing any ID. For home-held requests (ŠU community members exclusively) one has to produce a Student’s Card or some other ID. To register in the Internet Reading Room, the students have to have a Student’s Card number, the staff – their payroll number.
Can one use ŠU Library collections with reader’s cards of other libraries of Šiauliai?
No, one cannot.
Are the students of other higher schools of Lithuania entitled to use ŠU Library?
Yes, they can use all Šiauliai university library reading rooms, faculty libraries included. Only Šiauliai University students have the right to make home-held requests.
How to make a request?
If you are a member of ŠU community, you can do it on the Internet.
When can I collect the requested book?
You can see the status of the request in the electronic logbook. Requests are executed every 1 hours (9.00; 10.00; 11.00; 12.00…). In September and February (due to the large number of requests) orders can be executed on the next day.
How does one do an extension of the return deadline on the Internet, by coming to the library or maybe by phone?
You can do it in all the mentioned ways.
Is one allowed to photocopy or scan one’s own publications? Where can one do this and how much will that cost?
Yes, this is allowed. For more detailed information go to Services/Fee based Services.
Can people who are not Šiauliai University staff or students use Library computers?
Computers situated in the lobby of the 1-st floor are meant for quick search and they can be used by everybody.
Whom can one apply to for technical help in the Internet Reading Room?
One has to apply to the librarian on duty at the Information desk in the lobby of the 1-st floor.
I cannot see a printer in the Internet Reading Room, so where do I collect the printed materials?
You will collect your printed pages at the Information desk (the lobby, 1-st floor). This is a fee-based service: 0,06 € per page.
Where shall I ask for information when I cannot find information for my course work?
References Reading Room (2-nd floor, Room 203).
Can all the students and staff use individual work rooms?
No, only the academic staff, doctoral students and 2-nd year Master students can use Individual Work rooms by booking in advance with the Information Desk (1-st floor) of the Main Library, phone +370 41 595706 or e-mail: The maximal duration of the room reservation is 6 months.
Is there a lunch break at the Library?
No, there isn’t.
Can home-held requests be made for CDs?
Yes, but only for those that are available in more than 1 copy at the Library. They cannot be requested in advance. You have to apply to the reading room librarians.
I am choosing a piece of music (sheet music). Is there an instrument on which I could play in order to get acquainted with the music?
Yes, there is a piano on the 3-rd floor next to the Arts Reading Room.
Can one take publications out of the reading rooms (Periodicals and Common) to the Internet Reading Room?
Yes, but you have to warn the librarian before doing that so that she issues you the publication.

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